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     Truong Giang Electrical Joint Stock Company (TGE) is a leading manufacturer of medium voltage cabinets in Vietnam. They have been established in 2000.

     TGE provide products and services related to electrical systems, such as medium voltage cabinets, low-voltage cabinets, vacuum circuit breakers, kiosk stations, protective control cabinets, and consulting, installation, repair, maintenance, renovation and upgrade services.

     TGE has nearly 3,000 medium voltage switchboards installed on EVN’s power grid, accounting for the largest number of medium voltage switchboard manufacturers in Vietnam. TGE is also the first in Vietnam to achieve Type-test certification of ASTA (belonging to STL association- a member of STL) for both products: 24kV-2500A-31.5kA/3s Medium voltage cabinets and 4000A-IP54 Low voltage cabinets- form 4b according to international standards.

     TGE has a modern laboratory that meets IEC/ISO17025 standards, and a production process according to ISO 9001:2015.

TGE is always committed to providing customers with the best and most timely quality products and services.


Our company aims to become the leading company in Asia for the design and production of Medium voltage switchgear.

We also aim to become the largest company for the production and supply of switchgear in the Vietnamese market.

TGE is a Vietnamese company that designs and produces high-quality switchgear to meet the highest customer demands.

Our mission is to provide value to customers, partners, employees, and society.

We aim to compete with the world’s leading companies in terms of technology and quality.






TGE is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to its customers while maintaining a strong sense of social responsibility.

Through continuous innovation and creativity, TGE aims to lead the switchgear industry in Vietnam and beyond.

ISO 9001:2008


Asta TMS1

Arcing fault test

Asta TLS1

Biosco In10

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