Kiosk TGE

Kiosk TGE manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 standards and comprehensive type tests in accordance with the latest standard IEC 62271-202...

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* Manufacturing in accordance with  IEC 62271-202; ISO 9001, 14001
* Applications: indoor/outdoor.
* Capable of installing at factory or at site because of modularized equipments 
* Type-tested and global accepted components ensure high degree of safety for operator.
* Adjacent compartments are separated by metallic partitions in order to prevent  flashover  between compartments and guarantee safety for another apparatuses and operators.
* Sturdy frame with 2mm electrostatic coated steel or stainless steel as requirement.
* Combine both natural and forced ventilation.
* Impossible to access electrified parts.
* Unauthorized access are certainly not permitted because of door locking system.
* Very sealed enclosure and minimum up to IP42


Rate voltage Up to 35 kV
MV switchgear RMU 3 or 4 units
LV switchgear LV compartment on a frame
Transformer Oil type / dry type
Application Indoor/outdoor
Internal arc withstand IAC –AB-20kA-1s
Sturdy frame 2mm electrostatic or as requirement
Weight 3 to 6 tons/1MBA; 7 to 9 tons/2MBA
Protection Degree
MV&LV compartment Transfomer
IP54 IP34
Cooling Natural/ forced ventilation


Dimension W(mm) D(mm) H(mm)
2000 to 2400 3700/1MBA; 5100/2MBA 2400 to 2600



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